Research innovation inspiration
Please open the door and step into our world: you will immediately feel inspired, you will sense passion for qualitative research, you will feel the fresh breeze of creativity and innovation.
We are a small, local, niche agency. Our only choice is to have returning clients and a solid reputation, thus we depend on how good we are at what we do.
We know we are never going to be a “Fortune 500”, thus “we think smaller”. We have a team of “human” dimensions, but it was put together with much care. We have no research assistants, therefore we each get to “own” our projects more. We do not have business plan meetings, nor spend half the day with bureaucratic paperwork, so we focus more on what we are good at.
The quest for the unicorn is a metaphor for “unlearning what we have learnt, going back at an earlier way of looking at the world” (Odell Shepard), thus doing anamnesis. It is exactly where you will find good research: in the unprocessed material that precedes words, in the collective cultural that precedes the individual choice, in the simple truths that precede the “buzz words” of the industry.
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Pronunciation: "a-"nam-'nE-s&s
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek ana - "again” and mimn-Eskesthai - "to put in mind”
1 : Remembrance, Recollection
2 : A preliminary case history of a medical patient.
anamnesis in market research