For some reason, most of those who come in contact with the unicorn world, either as part of the Anamnesis team, or as clients, or as business partners, tend to stick around to see what happens next.
icon oana  
Oana Popa Rengle, Senior Qualitative
Researcher and Manager, psychologist
The unicorn seeker who holds the map and leads the quest. Has been in the qualitative business since 1999, so this gives her a pretty good knowledge of many places on the map. Some were good experiences, some were not. Loves to go especially to those places that involve working with metaphors and doing cultural analysis.
icon lorena  
Lorena Sofia Mardale, Senior
Qualitative Researcher, psychologist
Sensible, vibrating at all expressions of humanity, this unicorn seeker does not need an elementary particle to use her magnifying glass on, since she considers every met person a quest worthy to engage in with her full attention and empathy.
icon dragos  
Dragos Moian, Senior Qualitative
Thorough with details while at the same time enjoying a vantage point perspective of things in his focus (groups), this unicorn seeker is by his essence inclined to always use his analytical objectivity for putting the spotlight on the undisclosed aspects of his interlocutors’ subjectivity.
icon andreea  
Andreea Badea, Office Manager
Solid, dependable, great friend… so much missed during the two years of maternity leave.

We’ll stop here because she feels uncomfortable having the spotlights on.
icon andreea  
Andreea Dirzu, Talented Qualitative
Researcher, psychologist
Curious by nature and constantly travelling under good winds, this unicorn seeker has already unraveled the essential treasures of psychological exploration and finds herself on the path to complete her quest towards market research mastery.
icon radu  
Radu Rengle, Office Manager Interim
Making sure that all is in its right place and that the quest is following the right itinerary, this unicorn seeker sees to it that the rest of us spend as much time as we need exploring the land of the unicorn, without worrying too much about earthly things.