For some reason, most of those who come in contact with the unicorn world, either as part of the Anamnesis team, or as clients, or as business partners, tend to stick around to see what happens next.
When you read below more on our clients, you will not get a long list of names. We felt uncomfortable to list everyone we ever worked with; instead, we decided to thank those who became our friends in time because we did great work together and because we also connected on a personal level.

Thank you, Danone, for trusting us with so many tough challenges over the years and for truly making us feel as part of your team!

Thank you, ING Asigurari de Viata, for giving us the opportunity to put our most specialized skills on display and for the feed-backs that make it all worth it more than the pay itself!
Thank you, Hall and Partners, for your generosity and unconditioned trust!

Thank you, Unicoms, for making us compete against other agencies and deciding we won!

Thank you, Magnolia Spa, for teaching us about true beauty and lack of compromises!

Thank you, (our oldest client, whose global policy prevents your name from appearing on our site, and even if this upsets us a bit, we cannot ignore you), for the teaching us many of the things that we know today about business, marketing and research!