Qualitative research
Anamnesis is a unique presence on the Romanian research market, expert in qualitative thinking: state of the art qualitative research, innovation workshops, idea generation sessions, creative explorations of problems.
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The good, old fashioned relevance and authenticity
We are sorry to see how concepts like “relevance” and “authenticity” have lost their stamina in the industry's discourse. Like people in the fashion industry say, they were so “in” at some point that they became immediately “out”. For us good research will always be about relevance and authenticity.
our approach to qualitative research
In our book qualitative research is about being creatively disorganized and open, about educating and using your intuition, about “sensing” the connections and patterns before rationally acknowledging them, but also about a great sense of order and control. This is why not getting deeper involved with processes of creativity, ideation and innovation would have been a terrible waste of skills…
our approach to innovative business tools