Anamnesis is a unique presence on the Romanian research market, expert in qualitative thinking: state of the art qualitative research, innovation workshops, idea generation sessions, creative explorations of problems.
We look for information that “lives and breathes”, and almost every time this means something different. Sometimes being relevant & authentic means going ethnographic (ethnographic interviews, accompanied activities, overnight consumer immersions etc,), other times it means by-passing rationality (narrative techniques, metaphor-based interviewing techniques etc.) and other times it simply means finding the right line of questioning in a traditional interview.

We embrace the opportunities provided by the technology development (especially those related to getting real time feedback from consumers in experimental approaches – emails, SMSs, MMSs etc), yet we refuse to use technology for the sake of technology only (just because our project will look funky, modern and innovative, irrespective of whether it brings any real added value). Actually, we will in general resist the temptation to try to look smarter, and hope you will like us the way we are.

We do not hate focus groups (actually we do not hate anything about qual!). We simply know how and when to use them intelligently (it is amazing to us how, in the quest to crucify the focus groups, people seem to have
forgotten all about the catalyzing powers of human interaction).

We love running workshops with our clients. They help us get more efficient briefings, more inspiration for methodologies and discussion guides, more effective deployment of results, they help us move across multi-stage research projects where new phases need to incorporate old ones etc. Some of our clients got so much exposure to our workshop techniques, that, honestly, they could start doing these “in-house”.

We believe that the magic of qualitative research lays in the power of analysis. Unfortunately, we have seen the potential of great research designs wasted in absence of careful analysis. We have an eye for detail and a mind for nuances. And the proper qualifications. If you are the type that goes to research and immediately decides “I learnt nothing new here”, you may just be in for a big surprise!

And last, do not expect large binders of information from us. We manage to express the big ideas in fewer words than one may expect (we'll let you know right here if we ever manage to get a report to 100 PowerPoint slides! Or at least 85!)