Anamnesis is a unique presence on the Romanian research market, expert in qualitative thinking: state of the art qualitative research, innovation workshops, idea generation sessions, creative explorations of problems.
Our Innovation Sessions are meant to help you come up with new product or service ideas, line extensions, concepts or positioning statements. The beauty of our sessions is the fact that, even if they are rigourosly planned and grounded in theory, they still feel like a lot of fun.

For a strange reason, we feel very bad when we have to deliver research results in terms of “bad news”. To help us deal with this feeling of guilt, we have developed the Creative Problem Exploration sessions, where we bring the “bad news” and help the client team find the solutions for those.

Usually these innovative business tools are required to help with concrete business objectives. But they can also be used simply to “clean the creative pipes” of the people who are sometimes too
stuck in the business. Or to refresh people's energy and enthusiasm for the brands or categories they serve in a daily routine.

Because for every session we need to come up with new, adapted techniques, we draw inspiration from just about anything: “classical” creativity exercises, psychotherapy, acting and improvisation games, children games etc.

We admit, we also have a lot of fun! Our most favorite creative challenge was when we were asked to help a team imagine where a product category could go in the next 20 (twenty!) years, what technical innovations that could happen, what social context changes etc… It turned out to be such an amazing exploration of the future that it felt like a ride in the time machine!!