Dedicated to those who are just getting acquainted to qualitative research, this page is a verbose source of information on various aspects of qualitative research, focus groups and interviews. Also we provided a Glossary of Terms, with plain language explanation of various qualitative research related terms.
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General qualitative research
Analysis and Reporting
Research design
The plan of the research, including the objectives to be achieved, the type of research used (e.g. qualitative or quantitative), the methods (e.g. focus groups, interviews), their number and composition, the description of the target group, the timing.

Description of an individual or group of people from the perspective of psychological, subjective variables: attitudes, beliefs or values.

Description of an individual or group of people from the perspective of objective variables: gender, age, social class, geographical location.
The person conducting the groups or interviews. His/ her role in the discussion is to obtain the answers to the issues of interest for the research included in the discussion guide, by applying specific moderation techniques.

Discussion guide
The outline of the discussion, prepared prior to the actual execution of the focus groups/ interviews. It includes the topics approached and the techniques used. Discussion guides may vary in length and detail, from one research agency to another. It has the role to guide the moderator during the discussion, however it is a flexible tool not necessarily followed step by step.